Practical information Oslo 12 hours at Badet Raceway


On this page on Badet Raceways internet site you will find all available practicalities regarding the race. Technical rules and so on you’ll find at the




First you need to get the address for Badet Raceway right:


Street address:

Ole Brumms vei 1



Who are you going to call??

If totally lost somewhere in the universe, outside the race venue, you can try calling

Glenn Wenneberg, CEO of Badet Raceway (+4791743929) or

Rolf  K. Andersen, Booking Manager for Badet Barbizon Plaza (+47 90 19 91 37)

Remember that both of us will race too, so please note that no calls will be answered during our race times J


By reading the following you will learn more about airports around Oslo, as well as travelling from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Badet, The kiosk at Badet and accommodation. If you have further questions please post them at the slotracinglemans forum and one of the Badet guys will answer you.


Airports around Oslo

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the main airport for Oslo. Some airplane companies fly into Oslo airport Sandefjord. (for example Ryanair, and even some KLM flights). However, be  aware that, Sandefjord isn’t even in the same county as Oslo, a minimum of two hours from Oslo. (So claiming that they fly into Oslo when actually flying into Sandefjord is a bit of a lie). At the time of the race there will also be third airport operating in the area, at Rygge, mostly operated by Norwegian ( from various European cities. This airport is closer to Oslo than Sandefjord, and will only be a short one-hour bus drive to down town Oslo.


Travelling from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Badet Raceway

There are two main ways to travel; by bus operated by Flybussekspressen (Airport Coaches) and by Taxi. The bus is practical if you are going directly to Badet. Just ask the driver to stop at the first ordinary stop after take off at Smedstua (Haugenstua) bus stop and you can easily take the four minute walk over to Badet.. We will put up signs so that you’ll be able to find us. Four people can share a Taxi that will cost you approximately the same as by bus. Just ask the driver to take you to Ole Brummsvei 1 in Oslo and it will be a 30 minute drive.


Timetable Airport Coaches



From Oslo airport Gardermoen take bus F3 Bekkestua to Smedstua (Haugenstua). 


Departures  Friday.

First departure 05.30, then 06.00, 06.30. and 07.00 From seven o’clock there are three hourly departures 20 and 40 minutes past the hour and on the hour.


Returns on Sunday.

From 14.30 there are tree hourly departures; 57. 17. and 37 past the hour


The price is 140 one way and they accept Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, Diners, Amex and of course cash in Norwegian kroners.



Taxi to Badet is of course easy travel. You should take an airport taxi operated by Oslo Taxi. You will travel within the red zone of the airport taxis, which is the cheapest Zone. Point that out to the driver to be sure that you will be charged the right prizc.

You’ll find more information on the airport taxies at this link (in English):




At Badet…

…you will find some services to your convenience when at the race.


There will be a kiosk where several refreshments and light food will be available. There will be a selection of:

Soft drinks






At Breakfast time it will also be served Baguettes and juice


The kiosk will, beside NOK (norwegian kroners) , also accept Euros. Please do not only bring big notes, also bring some small notes and coins. Other vice there will be a change problem and you risk getting Norwegian kroners in return.



Accommodation at Badet Barbizon Plaza


We have had a count for the numbers we can accommodate at the race venue. We have “room” for at least 58 people. That means we will be able to accommodate a lot of you if that’s the case. Regardless of that I’ll also, as promised, come up with hotels for those who don’t fancy sleeping on the floor.


About Badet Barbizon Plaza

We have in all 7 rooms that will accommodate from 3 to 20 persons. You’ll be sleeping on the floor so bring your own mattress and sleeping bag. Don’t count on too much privacy… We have only one shower, but more than enough toilets J


There will be possible to buy a light breakfast, consisting of baguettes, coffee and juice. As you understand this is a thru budget “hostel”. In fact the cost for a place on the floor is nothing. As for the “bribes”; a nice and large selection of the finest liquor from the tax-free at Oslo airport will ensure that you will sleep if you all share it before you go to bed…



I’ll take booking at this e-mail address rolf(dot)andersen(at)fafo(dot)no (The strange writing to avoid search engines and hell of a lot off spam).


I’ll organise it so that I’ll try to accommodate those of you that feel that you would like to sleep together … can be placed in the same room. That means that you should not send me mail one by one, but send one mail from your team or several team if that’s the case.



Accommodation; Hotel

Linne Hotel

This Hotel is the nearest to Badet Raceway, the race venue. This does not mean really side by side, but it is a 7 minutes taxi drive from Badet. Walking is only for the fit, since it will take you at least half an hour. But Taxis are ok and if you are more than 4 you could always share a mini bus operated by Oslo Taxi.
Since not placed down town Oslo the weekend prizes are quite good. When checking prizes today (11.11.07), a double room from Friday 1th of Feb to Sunday 3rd of Feb. (2 nights) was 2000 Norwegian kroner for the room on a special prize deal. This is approximately Euro 244.

There isn’t really any easy way to go from the airport and directly to the hotel. You would either take the airport express train to down town Oslo and then take the subway to the hotel, and have a 5 minutes walk from the subway station to the hotel. Or take the airport coach and ask the driver to stop at Vollebek station, there is a minimum of 8 minutes to walk from the bus stop up to the Hotel.

Fore those of you arriving on Friday it will be recommended that you take the airport coaches directly to Badet, as described another place on this page. Then you can check out the race venue and take a taxi to the hotel at your liking. Remember to inform the Hotel in case of a late check in.

You’ll find booking and contact info for the Hotel in English and German at:




Thon Hotel Spectrum

This hotel is located down town. A short 5 minutes walk from Oslo Centrals station. It is a budget hotel which means that the size of a double room probably isn’t too big. To get to down town from Oslo Airport Gardermoen the best option by far is the Airport Express Train. It will take you to the Central Station in 19 minutes. It departure from the airport every 10 minutes during normal working hours, and every 20 minutes in the late and early hours.

To get to the race venue you can take a local train. Time tables and travel description for the local train will be published later.

Prizes and booking
This is a hotel which my job has a deal with thru the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions. You will therefore get a special prize, but also have to book thru a special travel agent.

First the prize should be 895 Norwegian kroner’s for a double room per night, which is approximately Euro 112.50 per night.

Second, For booking you have to call Via Travel agency at +47 23 15 05 90 and ask for Julie. You should refer to the “LO-deal” (LO is the Norwegian short for the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions) for hotels and ask for a booking at Thon Hotel Spectrum. Via Travel is a rather big travel agency chain in Norway, so it is important that you call the specified number. If you call any other number you will not get the discounted price. And of course keep your credit card ready when calling.

Other Hotels
There are of course plenty of hotels in Oslo. If you like to try other hotels than the ones we have mention that is of course no problem. We do however recommend that you to find a hotel relatively close to the Central Train Station, unless you like long and time consuming traveling or expensive taxi rides.

Famous last words
The Hotel capacity in Oslo can be tight, so please do not chance on booking hotels late.